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Horsepower for Veterans

Horsepower for Veterans - The Beginning

Providing Help and Healing for those who have given so much!

We started Horsepower For Veterans in 2011 as a way to raise funds to support the Equine Assisted Therapy we provided for Veterans struggling with PTSD and other service related injuries.  This program is called Veteran Wellness Program and has provided nearly 2000 free therapy sessions and served over 200 Veterans since its inception in 2009.

HFV was a perfect way to do it as it matched our PASSION of Harley riding with God’s PURPOSE of healing those that need it so badly. 

Through this we met some incredible people, many who are still on our HFV committee.  Our launch team was; myself, my husband Bill, my sister Jan Behm, Chuck and Cheri Case, Nils and Karen Lund, Olee Svee, Marge Fortun, Karen Supple, Sandi Olson, Jodi Krueger, David Jeske (Vet), Tom Magneson.

Thank you to you all!!  May we continue to go out and unapologetically request support in order to continue Trinity Equestrian Center’s Equine Veterans Wellness Program and help our Veterans “finally come home”!

Toni Mattson
Co-Owner & Dir. of Programs



Our History of Success

2011 - $3,300
2012 – $7,100
2013 – $14,300
2014 – $9,400
2015 - $23,000
2016 - $ 46,738
2017 - $ 54,840