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"My husband, Chuck, and I have volunteered at Trinity Equestrian Center for 6 years. We help put on the fundraiser each summer, Horsepower for Veterans Motorcycle run, that raises money for Trinity's veteran program.  We also help with therapeutic riding for children and adults.

Trinity is such a great place to volunteer! The staff is great, and they so appreciate their volunteers. Of course, it's wonderful being around the horses too! They are so calm, which helps the person riding and the volunteer. It is very rewarding to help people, not only do they enjoy their riding time, but it is also rewarding for us - To see people smile and laugh, is worthwhile for all. To hear a child say, "I'm so happy!" really tells the story!

We hope we have many more years to be a volunteer with the Trinity family because that is what they are to us!"

— Cheri and Chuck Case,


"I just wanted to take a few minutes to thank you and all of your staff. This is the first Christmas in over a decade that the thought of killing myself isn't controlling my day. I'm excited to be with my family, play games, and of course watch all the kiddos open their presents. I have always just went upstairs and wanted to be alone during our family get together. This year however, Reece and I were the first ones here and I was the one initiating the texts to speed everybody else up.

I'm back to being the man I once was. I'm afraid to imagine where I might be if I wasn't introduced to you and your staff. Along with Sylvia you have changed my life. No longer the person afraid to be in public with people around me! I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas! You have give my family the gift of their son, brother, and uncle back. Most of all Reece has his daddy! Trinity is a true life saver!

Merry Christmas God Bless You"

— Brandon Drost, US Army Veteran


"Trinity's horse therapy has changed my life. I knew from the first mo-ment I walked the pasture that things we going to change. Week after week my confidence grew while my demons shrunk. The pro-cess is an uncommon one. It connects to the very foundation of your soul and helps rebuild you from the inside out."

— Nicolle Lillis, US Army Veteran


"I'm just in awe how Champ and Lilly respond to me. Never before have actually believed that what I was doing would help me. I simply went through the motions. But in 2 sessions at Trinity and working with the horses I feel better than I have in 12 years. For people who don't have PTSD, I think it's hard for them to understand it all. So they say how can a horse really help…all I know is after spending time with Lilly all I can do is smile. It has changed my life!"

— Brandon Drost, US Army Veteran


"As a Circuit Judge for 23 years before retiring in 2001, I became familiar with Trinity's program as the founding and residing judge of the Eau Claire County's Veteran Court and I am and was impressed with the measurable differences I witnessed in veterans who had taken advantage of Trinity's free program versus those veterans who had not. I had also heard personal testimony in my court of the positive effects this program had on the testifying veterans."

— Benjamin D. Proctor,


"I am a Marine Corp. Veteran having served three tours of duty managing munitions. After my last deployment I was beginning to show anger in ways I never thought possible. I kept denying anything was wrong, but finally went to the VA where they talked and prescribed meds. I tried anything I could to help manage my anger, anxiety and just wasn't helping. A co-worker hand-ed me a brochure for Trinity's Veteran Program and though skeptical, I was willing to try it. The experience was amazing! It gave me insight into my feelings that I had never had before. I understand myself better helping in ways that talking to a therapists in an office could never do. The horses seem to know more about me than me! Being with Trinity's horses and staff gives me a peace and calm that I have never before experienced. The reason I'm willing to share my story publically is because I truly believe without the help I have received, I would not be married, finishing school or have the close relationship with my family that I do. I respectfully request your support for TEC so other veterans can experience the help and healing that I have."

— David Jeske, USMC Veteran


"It was a pleasure to meet you at the Wisconsin Women's Veteran's Health Expo that Trinity hosted. During our visit, we discussed the value of your programs and the benefit they provide our nation's veterans. There continues to be a pressing need to address the physi-cal and psychological needs of our returning veterans and the Wisconsin National Guard supports any program that effectively assists our wounded warriors to heal and integrate back into society."

— Scott D. Legwold, Brigadier General; Wisconsin Army National Guard - Director, Joint Staff


"Toni and her team have truly demonstrated their sincere and heartfelt support for the veterans in our area, and are poised to signifi-cantly expand their services to veterans throughout the state. Toni has organized a very effective approach to dealing with the very difficult challenges faced by many veterans. Her program is an important option for veterans who may be best served by her pro-gram, to include equine therapy. I strongly support Toni and the TEC."

— John A. Scocos, Secretary of WDVA


"Working with Trinity and the horses has helped me regain my humanity, something I lost during my 29 years of service. It's helped me to learn how to think and do things differently. It's teaching me I CAN love again, something I so desperately want to do. I had no choice but to keep coming and working with the horses because if I hadn't, I simply would not have made it."

— John Sarafin, US Army Veteran


"Since becoming familiar with Trinity Equestrian Center and it's Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) offered free to veterans since 2009, I cannot stress enough my strong support for this very innovative, successful and much-needed program. The therapy needs for veter-ans suffering from PTSD, TBI and depression is a growing challenge for the VA. Without programs like Trinity, a large percentage of un-treated veterans will result in immense social safety net costs based on homelessness, divorce, unemployment, alcohol/substance abuse and suicide. I wholeheartedly offer my support for Trinity's EAP program!"

— Ron Kind, Congressman


"I am currently the Program Manager for veterans at the UWRF. My role is to assist veterans transition from military/civilian life to academic life as smoothly as possible. In additional to my professional involvement with veterans, I am a disabled veteran that par-ticipated in Trinity's Veteran Therapy Program and had amazing result. I tried traditional therapy with little to no results, and within the third session at Trinity things started to fall into place for me. Without this program I would still be struggling with my issues. Veterans deserve every chance to work through their problems. It is our duty to assist them in any way we can for the sacrifices they have made for our country. Trinity is a safe and effective choice."

— Nicolle Lillis, US Army Veteran


"Helping veterans with PTSD receive the treatment they need is important no matter the mode of treatment. Equine therapy has shown great success for those who have sought this form of treatment. We need to continue to help and support places like Trinity Equestrian Center in Eau Claire who go our of their way to help the Veterans of Wisconsin."

— Warren Petryk, State Representative 93 Assembly Dist.


"Working with the horse is helping me think differently and helping me realize I can love again, deeply even. I know I have to keep coming because if I don’t, I simply won’t make it."

— DJS, Marine Veteran


"Toni and her team nailed the training for our people. Everyone went home that evening knowing that they had been part of something special and had plenty of "take-aways" to think about. I am looking forward to working with Toni and her team again."

— Scott Wuerch and Nikki Kinnard, RCU Organizational Development Advisors


"I just wanted to let both of you know that I really enjoyed the training on Tuesday. And I especially enjoyed going to the Trinity Equestrian Center. I can't imagine how much info they can give people in the day long course they do."


— Scott Wuerch and Nikki Kinnard, RCU Organizational Development Advisors


"It was a great day! I loved the Equestrian Center; that was simply AMAZING!!!"

— Scott Wuerch and Nikki Kinnard, RCU Organizational Development Advisors


"Toni and her staff demonstrated their care and concern from the very first phone call. She listened to our needs, asked what was most important to us, explained what she could do, and ultimately put together an incredible learning opportunity for our Team Members."

— Scott Wuerch and Nikki Kinnard, RCU Organizational Development Advisors


"Our kids LOVE Trinity's horse camps!  Over the years they have attended nearly all of them.  We started out thinking they were going to be just about learning to ride and having fun doing it.  But what really happened was a beautiful blossoming of their self-esteem, confidence, and simply put… their joy!  It was an amazing transformation and I owe it to Trinity and their fabulous horses."

— Abigail Jungel, Parent


"Trinity's youth mentoring program has changed my son! He's had a really hard life for such a young boy and his behavior and school record shows it. Within four weeks of being involved in Trinity's mentoring program, so much has changed. He no longer talks back to me, skips school or hangs with the kids he is prohibited from being with. He's really focusing on positive things, getting better grades and WANTING to do well!  He even picks up his clothes! Thank you for what you do and how you help families."

— Abigail Fetts, Parent


"I wanted to let you know we all had a great time last Thursday! Everyone from Big Brothers Big Sisters sends their deepest thanks and appreciation for allowing us to open up different opportunities for the people in our program. Thanks again for taking the time and effort in working with us.  Please thank your staff; they did a great job!"

— Dorinda Wilkes, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northwestern Wisconsin


"I just wanted to say what a great Family Fun Day! It's amazing what can be done when people all work together. I also wanted to say thank you for letting B-95 be such a big part of it. Clear Channel Radio believes in the mission of Trinity and is excited to be part of such an awesome place."

— Kelly Lafky, Clear Channel Radio


"Thank you for taking such good care of my girl Aussie (an American Paint mare).  I have not seen her this happy and relaxed before!"

— Pam Albrent, Boarder


"I witnessed the beginning of a miracle with my son, Eric at a therapy session. He was sitting on Gambler and as they walked the arena, I saw ALL of the tension leave his body. His arms relaxed, his shoulders dropped, and with a peaceful confidence he had a look of enjoyment and satisfaction. I have never seen before, and this is only part of it...

When Eric was a small child, he had a giggle and a smile that could not be put into words. When he and Gambler trotted, I finally heard that giggle again. It brought tears to my eyes, as I watched my misjudged and misunderstood child feel whole again. He had confidence! He believed he was valuable and competent!

Thank you for Healing with Horses. You may have seen Cesar Milan, the Dog Whisperer? It appears to me that at least for Eric, Gambler is the Child Whisperer.

May you be richly blessed in your endeavors to touch, inspire and, enrich the lives of others. I will be forever grateful for all you've done for Eric."

— Chris Williams, Parent of a Special Needs Child


"I think about Trinity Equestrian Center and the people there on a VERY consistent basis (also because Cruz happens to be the background on my phone). I've done a bit of searching and have yet to discover anything even close to Trinity in my new community. I miss having a direct effect on people and their lives along with the direct effect the experience has had on me.

I wanted to let you know how much you have affected me and my life. I don't know that I ever appropriately thanked you all. When I came to you a few years ago, I was looking for a way to keep horses in my life through college. Having had volunteer work always be a part of my life, I counted that aspect as a huge bonus. Finding a place that combined two of my biggest passions was a miracle in itself, but never did I expect to be so thoroughly touched and changed by the work that you do.

I feel so honored to have been able to be a part of you team. Leaving that farm was so difficult because I felt I was leaving a family, a safe haven, a place of pure acceptance and understanding. The beauty of Trinity and its work is immeasurable. On a daily basis, you change people's lives. Miracles really do happen there and I am so grateful to have been a part of it."

— Anna XXXX, Volunteer


"You are soooo sweet! I feel so blessed to have my horse MaKia at such a great place and to be part of such a great group. Thank you for making me feel so welcome. That really means a lot to me right now, when I am so new to the area:) You guys are great! Thanks again."

— Maya XXXX, Boarder


"I am a vet who has attended groups to help with my PTSD since 2004 with little positive impact. Then I was introduced to Equine Assisted Psychotherapy at Trinity Equestiran Center and my life changed. Therapy with a horse gave me an insight that I did not know was possible. I was able to see the positive and negative within myself due to the exercises with the horses and working with the group. Now I attend church on a regular basis, I no longer sit at home doing nothing. I can control my anger most of the time. I think this is the type of therapy every Veteran should have access to."



"Just wanted to drop a note to let you know how much we appreciated the Ranch Care program this summer. Chase enjoyed every minute of every day. It was nice to know that while we were at work he was able to have a great summer full of fun activities."

— Chris & Deb Walker, Parent


"What a wonderful experience for all the kids. Your son and his buddies were such great role models and it was really neat to see them in action. John and I were so impressed with the activities and experiences at Ranch Care. We want you to know how much it means to us to have Chris and Dan show enthusiasm and excitement to go to daycare. It really makes us feel good about our decision to send them to you for caring supervision - truly a relief for us to know they are happy while at the ranch. Please don't hesitate to ask us for any help you may need this summer. I'm always willing to shoot some photos or send some extra treats (or bait!) so you can continue to do the awesome work you do out there."

— Amy Dominski, Parent


"I am so glad that I have been a boarder at Trinity Equestrian Center. I really enjoyed getting to know all the staff. The team makes Trinity is what makes the boarding facility what it is. The unconditional love for all the animals and the unconditional acceptance for all the people is so refreshing. Thank you for all that you do."

— Carol Carlson, Former Boarder


"My daughter and I come out on as many Tuesday mornings as possible. We clean stalls, joke around, water horses, and help take them out to enjoy their day. It's peaceful and fun and a very special time that my daughter and I share. We even help with special events. That's really fun."

— Kelly & Sarah Corcoran, Volunteers


"I just wanted to tell you what a wonderful time Ryan and I had today at Healing with Horses. It was an absolutely amazing experience for us. I'm still picturing his smiles and hearing his laughs while he was on Fancy. What a gentle and beutiful horse she is. I've never really experienced horses, but I must tell you it was very profound looking in her eyes. It was a feeling I've never felt before and will never forget.

I think it was probably evident by my phone calls to you that I was so excited about today! It far surpassed any of my expectations. As a mother a of a child with special needs those are the moments you so desprately want for your child and cherish like no other! I am so thrilled to be able to bring Ryan back the week after next for the remainder of the lessons. I think that this experience will not only help Ryan heal but it will help me heal as well.

So ultimately, I just want to say thank you for doing what you do!"

— Shannon Spaulding, Parent of a Special Needs Child


"Alyssa began therapeutic horseback riding when she was four years old; she is now almost 10. The staff, volunteers, parents, and other riders have been wonderful. They are kind, caring, and an inspiration to talk to. The horses used for the program are so mild mannered; Alyssa loves talking about them and riding them!

Alyssa was diagnosed with apraxia, dysarthria, low muscle tone, and severe sensory issues when she was a baby. She didn't know where her body was in space and her balance was almost non-existent. Therapeutic horseback riding has given Alyssa so much. For starters, it has given her a sport she can participate in despite her disabilities. We have watched her go from needing two people walking on either side of the horse, to Alyssa independently trotting on the horse. It is truly amazing!

The horseback riding has helped her balance tremendously. She went from consistently falling over while walking, to now independently running. It has helped with her speech and coordination of all of her muscles. Her low muscle tone in her trunk has increased dramatically. In fact, one of Alyssa's first phrases that she learned was "walk on". There is not one other therapy out there that can do so much for a child, and at the same time not be seen as therapy by the child. Alyssa spends a lot of time talking about her horse Dancer and loves every minute she gets to spend with her.

Horseback riding gives a child with a disability a chance to be like their peers, which is something every parent hopes for. To see the smiles, the confidence it gives them, and the interaction they have with the horse is a wonderful gift. Over the years, we have started and stopped speech therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy. The one consistent therapy we have kept intact is the horseback riding. So thank you to Trinity Equestrian Center for allowing Alyssa the chance to ride."

— Jenny and Gary Pekula, Parent of a Special Needs Child