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Horsepower for Veterans

Therapeutic Riding

Our therapeutic riding program provides structured horseback riding sessions to children and adults with physical, cognitive, and emotional disabilities.

Therapeutic riding helps with disabilities include:




Brain Injuries

Cerebral Palsy


Developmental or
Cognitive Delay

Down Syndrome

Emotional Disabilities

Learning Disabilities

Multiple Sclerosis

Muscular Dystrophy

Spina Bifida


Visual Impairment

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Benefits of Therapeutic Riding

It's about neurology, bio-physics, and how our brain is constantly communicating with our body. The brain is always assessing its surroundings, making adjustments, and compensating. Sometimes through injury or illness, these assessment and compensation pathways are impaired or changed and don't work right — creating a disability.

These pathways need to be strengthened and rehabilitated. A horse has a very unique walking gait with movement that closely resembles human movement. When a person with disabilities rides a horse, the movement, motion, and rhythm of a horse's walk is therapy for the damaged pathways, and the body begins to respond. It starts by relaxing and strengthening the muscles and improving balance and coordination. Then it begins working on the spirit and attitude. Riders begin to have a sense of empowerment, self-confidence, and a renewed sense of ability and hope! Their view of themselves changes — that's life changing.

Depending on your disability, benefits of therapeutic riding often include:

improved joint mobility, balance, and coordination

relaxation of tight or spastic muscles

increased muscle tone, strength, and flexibility

better posture

more self-confidence through enhanced self-image

improved ability to learning, concentration, and focus

better spatial awareness

motivation to set and achieve goals

increased patience and control over emotions

emotional connection to the horses and our incredibly dedicated volunteers

sense of responsibility

sense of normality

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Using Nic’s words from a recent excerpt on his Facebook page, “Today I rode Spike for 19 laps in the indoor arena. He's the best & he really listens to me!  I have been riding at Trinity Equestrian Center (TEC) since 2011. I have ridden Doc & Regal (both in heaven now), Cruz who's retired, & I'm helping to train a new therapy horse named Rowdy.  The riding really wears my body out. It helps me strengthen my core & leg muscles & helps me learn to balance.  TEC is an awesome riding facility!  My trainer Elizabeth is a little bit bossy!  I think it’s because she’s from the South….lol!  I still love her though!”

-Read Nic's Full Testimonial»


"My husband, Chuck, and I have volunteered at Trinity Equestrian Center for 6 years. We help put on the fundraiser each summer, Horsepower for Veterans Motorcycle run, that raises money for Trinity's veteran program.  We also help with therapeutic riding for children and adults.

Trinity is such a great place to volunteer! The staff is great, and they so appreciate their volunteers. Of course, it's wonderful being around the horses too! They are so calm, which helps the person riding and the volunteer. It is very rewarding to help people, not only do they enjoy their riding time, but it is also rewarding for us - To see people smile and laugh, is worthwhile for all. To hear a child say, "I'm so happy!" really tells the story!

We hope we have many more years to be a volunteer with the Trinity family because that is what they are to us!"



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Cost & Schedule

Trinity Equestrian Center's therapeutic riding program is certified by the Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International (PATH). All of our instructors are nationally certified in therapeutic riding through PATH, and our volunteers and horses have been carefully selected and trained for their roles.

Program Director

Elizabeth Todd
Certified PATH, Int. Instructors