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Youth Mentoring

Trinity's mentoring program offers at-risk and special needs children access to the support they need to thrive.

Trinity's Mentoring Program offers children and young adults access to a positive, consistent, friendly and supportive Mentor that will support and guide the youth and help them to thrive and be successful.  We do this through building a long term one-on-one relationship between the Mentor and youth, having a TON of fun, all while working on the treatment goals established in our initial assessment.

One-on-One Mentoring Program

All youth, especially some that may be at-risk or special needs, require a variety of people and resources in order to grow into responsible, well-adjusted, healthy and successful adults. This process can be quite a struggle for some children. Many need additional support to help them successfully navigate the road to adulthood.

The hands-on nature of this unique and effective mentoring program addresses basic skills essential for managing conflict, utilizing effective coping skills, developing positive social skills, and learning to engage in healthy self-care.

Our one-on-one mentoring program focuses each day on the goals outlined in our initial assessment, conducted by our mental health professionals, some examples may include:

Improving problem solving skills, ability to cope with pressure/trauma, and respect for boundaries

Increasing self-esteem, patience, and compromise

Building communication skills, positive relationships, and leadership skills

Modeling healthy relationships, and positive role models

Progress Made

Our Mentoring program also provides the team every month with very detailed DAILY progress notes that focus on what was done, which goal was focused on, and what level of progress was noticed.  We then also provide the team with an annual summary of progress made using several statistical methods to give the maximum level of measurable progress possible.

How to Start

To begin the process of enrollment, please click on the link below to our “Referral form.”  Then please email the completed form with any questions you have to our Director Ian Mattson to schedule a new client assessment. 

Download the client referral form »

Please let us know if you have any questions.  Thank you so much for considering our program!

Email Ian Mattson for more Information


"Trinity's youth mentoring program has changed my son! He's had a really hard life for such a young boy and his behavior and school record shows it. Within four weeks of being involved in Trinity's mentoring program, so much has changed. He no longer talks back to me, skips school or hangs with the kids he is prohibited from being with. He's really focusing on positive things, getting better grades and WANTING to do well!  He even picks up his clothes! Thank you for what you do and how you help families."



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Program Director

Ian Mattson

Director of Youth Development

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