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Equine Assisted Psychotherapy

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Do you have struggles you’ve tried managing on your own, or in ways that make you feel inferior or judged? Are you ready for a different approach? One that taps into the head and heart of a horse, and goes far beyond simply talking about “it". One that helps you find confidence, hope and healing?

Horses coach us in astounding ways. They don’t speak, but are remarkable communicators. They don’t judge, they take nothing personally, and make no assumptions. They read our body language to perfection! And they bring their best to every encounter. Because of that, they can help us recognize our strengths and struggles faster, and help us find the shifts and changes needed to make progress far easier than traditional therapy.

Most of our work is done on the ground, shoulder-to-shoulder, nose-to-nose because that’s where the connection starts. Over time, the relationship grows into a deep trust, and the transformation begins. This is where you rediscover yourself. The new, refreshed, renewed YOU.

If your struggle is PTSD, substance abuse, anxiety, stress, anger, depression, or grief, we’re here for you.

Equine Assisted Learning

This breed of learning focuses on the relationship that grows between our horses and our students. It’s a meaningful experience that grows life and social skills, teaching how to make and keep friends. The kind that brings out their best. It grows their ability to resolve problems, instead of becoming part of them. Sometimes the horse leads the student, other times the student leads the horse. No matter, leader or follower, individual or group, on the ground or in the saddle, these relationships and these experiences develop new, and valuable skills that help reshape futures and change lives.

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Therapeutic Riding

Does someone in your family have varying abilities? Maybe they’re on the spectrum, or have MS, or a brain or spinal injury. Would it help if they gained muscle tone, strength and flexibility? How about better joint movement, balance and coordination? If you answered yes, we know we can help. The growth we see in those who are in our Therapeutic Riding program is nothing short of remarkable. We see boosted concentration, focus and patience, while their self-confidence, self-esteem, and motivation to set and reach goals soars. All of this and more happens when a person spends time in the saddle and is coached by our PATH Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructors.

“ When you change a person’s perception of themselves, you’ve changed their future.”

- PJ James

Reminiscing on the Ranch

Does someone you love have dementia or Alzheimer’s? Are they a bit more impatient, and a touch less cooperative? Are you their caregiver? How do manage the responsibility, stress, and struggles? It’s a tough road. Our dad struggled with this for years. We wished there was a place we could have taken him that was less therapy, and more therapeutic. A place that would keep him engaged, stimulated, connected, and would enrich his life. There was no such place.


Trinity’s Reminiscing on the Ranch is our tailor-made Equine Assisted Learning, passion program to help encourage and inspire those experiencing dementia and Alzheimer’s. Our deepest desire is to support their angel caregivers, while helping those living the loss to exercise the skills that will help them remain in their home as long as possible.

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We combine nature, our farm animals, a butterfly garden, music, up close and personal time with our remarkable horses, our specially trained volunteers and PATH Certified Instructors, and the invaluable experiences of socializing with fellow travelers. Our 8-week program works on daily, life and self-independence skills like: routines, creativity, knowledge, and life enrichment. It is truly a special program. The very one we would have wanted for our Dad.

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