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A Trinity Workshop is a fun, goal oriented, short-term, one-on-one relationship where providers bring their clients to Trinity to participate in organized activities in a small group. This impactful experience is for children ages 5-18 who have a mental health diagnosis, have a history of trauma, or could use a helping hand in developing peer relationships. 

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After-School Workshops

After School Workshops are offered Monday through Thursday evenings from September - May. Participants in this program will work with a one-on-one provider, within a group setting of 3-8 other participants and two group leaders. The structure of this program allows participants to enhance their social-emotional skills all while building relationships with their peers. Counselors provide support and guidance throughout the process helping each participant work toward their individual goals. 

Summer Workshops

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Summer Workshops take place Mondays through Thursdays in June, July, and August. This program provides a larger group setting of 18-25 participants, who each work one-on-one with an individual provider and two group leaders. This a unique experience allowing each participant an opportunity to work on their individual goals while engaging with peers. Each week features new and different ways for the participants to work toward their goals and build new skills. 


Equine Workshops

This is a collaborative program combining our traditional Workshops model with equine experiences. Participants will work on their individual goals while engaging in equine activities designed to give them an entirely unique experience. Hours of work with the horses will be done on the ground, led by one of our certified Equine Specialists. Participants receive one-to-one support from their assigned Workshops Counselor while engaging with peers during equine activities. Participants will work on positive interactions with peers while building new friendships, and enhancing their individual skills. 

Individual Day Workshops

Individual Day Workshops are designed to provide participants an opportunity to continue building individual skills, improving self-confidence, and developing peer relationships during times when typical Workshops or school is on a “break”. Our Workshops team recognizes the importance of continued consistency and this program structure was developed to help achieve that. 

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Opportunity to make an impact

For more information or to refer a participant to one of our Workshop programs

Send us an email to or give us a call (715) 835-4530 ext. 1011.

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“This program and the mentors have had such a positive impact on my son! It has  been a great learning experience for him and has improved his social skills. A huge thank you to all the staff and mentors!”

-Parent of workshop participant

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