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Our mission is to help change lives through relationships, faith, and horses.

We founded Trinity in 2002, and offered most every equine service, and then some. It took us years to realize our highest and best use of our facility, time and team, was something quite different. We shifted our focus from making a living, to making a difference.


Changing lives is Trinity’s sole focus. We do that through our Equine Assisted Therapy, Youth Mentoring, and Training.


Changing Lives is our


Our father, a twenty-year Army veteran, shared some legacy-building advice many years ago. He said,

“When you choose a community as your home, you must become part of it, invest in it, and contribute to its members’ health and growth.”

We’ve taken this to heart. Whether it’s serving veterans feeling isolated and stuck between two worlds, desperately searching for peace after war. Or our ASD riding students who eagerly connect with their team and horse to help them thrive in their physical, sensory and social worlds. Or to those struggling to keep their most treasured memories and relationships while they confront the journey of dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Our promise of investing in our community and our neighbor’s health comes alive when you see the size, scope, and the immense positive impact that Trinity Youth Counseling makes in the hundreds of children we serve every year.

And our commitment to partner with our horses to work with organizations who are eager to fine-tune their leadership and team building skills is our privilege. We help them discover the shifts needed to become an even more effective team so they will more fully live their mission. 

We’re privileged and passionate about leaning into our next twenty years with three generations of our family as teammates and visionaries.

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