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Trinity Youth Counseling is a one-on-one, client centered, strength focused, and goal oriented youth development program of Trinity Equestrian Center developed in 2009. Our Youth Counselors balance their time together onsite and in the community giving their youth a variety of ways to work on their goals. Our unique location and environment provides a valuable blend of nature, adventure and exploration that inspires and challenges all to push the boundaries of learning and growth in a safe and engaging setting.

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Trinity Youth Counseling

  • Trinity Youth Counseling provides a positive youth development experience to area youth who can benefit from a caring, consistent, and supportive role model. Our Youth Counselors provide each participant with an individualized experience built around connection, guidance, support, and goal-oriented skill building. 

  • Participants in Trinity’s Youth Counseling Program will focus on one-on-one skill development that utilizes a community-based setting to build skills such as self-confidence, social skills, peer relationships skills, community involvement and safety, independent living skills, and more. 

  • All participants are matched with a provider by our administrative team who determine best fit based on each participants’ mental health needs, goals, and various other components of the service to be provided.

  • Services provided through the program typically last up to 18 months and include individual skill development/enhancement, education and support in the community, at Trinity, and in team meetings.


Do you work with horses?

Yes! In Youth Counseling there are opportunities to works with a horse, but does not require a horse. All our Workshops have about an hour of horse time. All work with a horse is done on the ground under the direction of a professional. 

What funding sources do you have work with?

We currently have contracts with CCS, CLTS, IRIS and directly with county/human services. 

Who is eligible for youth counseling services?

We serve children ages 6-18 who have a mental health diagnosis and reside within approximately an hour radius of Eau Claire, Wisconsin. The applicant must be continent, understand verbal prompts and be able to communicate, not have a history of violence towards a professional within the last three months, or have a history of inappropriate sexual behaviors. If you have more questions, please email us at

How long does it take to get a matched with a provider?

Each person in our program is special and important to us! We get them matched with an AWESOME youth counselor as quickly as possible. 

A hands on tool for growth


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Interested in becoming a youth counselor?

Please complete the application below, and return it to

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 " Tell me and I forget, teach me and
​I may remember,  involve me and I learn! "

-Benjamin Franklin

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