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Building Great

Teams and Leaders

 Envision, engage, and evolve to turbo-charge your Mission.

Are you a Powerful, Planful, & Purposeful Leader?

Every organization has areas where they soar and set records, and spots where they spin and struggle. All agencies have holes and handicaps. But only the gutsy ones raise their hands and ask, “How can we work together better? What can we do differently to skyrocket sales, and create soaring customer satisfaction? How can we do good better?”

Let us help you: 

  • Dissect the 5 Building Blocks of Great Leadership

  • Design your Breakthroughs by Pinpointing Potholes

  • Create a Communication Style that is Fail-Proof

  • Unlock your Team’s hidden Superpowers

  • Identify your Time Busters and Solve them

  • Enjoy every moment of your Progress


Wouldn’t it be handy if team mentality mirrored herd mentality? Where integrity, humility, communication, modeling desired behavior, and leading by example was second nature to our organizational teams?  Luckily, horses are great teachers and model key leadership qualities that not only help ensure harmony in the herd, but also in the firm.

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Design your custom workshop

Your hands-on, equine focused experience will electrify your team, and transform them into your passion-led, and purpose-driven herd.

What works for you?

Half Day |  9am - 12pm

Full Day  | 9am - 4pm (includes lunch)

Due to customization of each workshop, pricing and details vary. Please complete the Workshop Planning Questionnaire and email it to

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