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Do you ever feel like you’re drowning in flashbacks and triggers? Or you feel isolated and constantly unsafe, unforgiven, or even uncared for? Does it feel like everything and everyone is a potential threat to you? And do you sometimes feel hopeless, lost, and that your life doesn’t have purpose or meaning?

If you can relate, please read on: 

  • You’re not alone. Many veterans feel the same.

  • Trinity has helped hundreds of veterans who feel like they’re stuck in the past, straddling two worlds, then and now.

  • We serve veterans for free.

  • It’s true, horses help veterans heal in remarkable ways to find hope again.

  • Healing isn’t forgetting what happened. Healing is making sense of the past, so you
    can feel confident living in the present, and looking hopeful towards the future.

  • You’ve survived combat, now let us help you survive being home.

  • Remember, things will get better. It’s possible to overcome this, grow through it, and thrive. 

  • You can do this!

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“We deserve to be happy, feel safe, and know that we matter.”

- JR Weaver, US Army

Serving those who have served

“I was a skeptic alright. Couldn’t see how a horse would help get rid of my nightmares, or make me less jumpy, or be okay sitting in the middle of the restaurant instead of crammed in the corner. That’s impossible, right? How could Trinity help change so much of me, that I’d stop thinking of suicide 24/7?

Well, I’m here to tell you it did. The amazing thing is …that I’m even here at all. I had my date, my time and my method. But for whatever reason, I decided to reach out instead. I had nothing to lose. I tried all kinds of therapy, except horse therapy. This was way different. At first I barely talked, and that was okay with them. They said it more about connecting with the horse and building a relationship. I didn’t get it right away, but after a few weeks, it snapped into focus. The horse was my battle buddy, my kids, my wife, my job, my fears, my pride, my goals.


My relationship with Sterling taught me I can change how I see the world, my world. How I can be more compassionate and patient. Like one day I came in all angry and up in his business, and the horse wouldn’t even come near me (just like my wife and kids). But when I practiced getting my temper in check and cleaned up my attitude. 

From a one-time skeptic:


Sterling came and put his head on my shoulder. I could practice stuff in the arena with my team and then use it at home or work. They taught me how to anticipate and adjust for my triggers. How to get grounded, so I don’t blow up. They helped me work through some really tough stuff. Now I’m calmer, happier, more confident, and ya, kinder (my wife says). I know I’m a better dad and husband and friend. I just feel like I’m a better person.”

-A.K. Miltner – US Army Veteran

Veteran Wellness Series

Practices to Promote Wellness for Veterans

​"I'm just in awe of how Champ and Lilly responds to me. Never before I have actually believed that what I was doing would help me. I simply went through the motions. But in two sessions at Trinity and working with the horses I feel better than I have in 12 years! For people who don't have PTSD, I think it's hard for them to understand it. They say how can a horse really help... All I know is that after spending time with Lilly, all I can do is smile. It has changed my life!” ​ 
                                                        - Brandon | US Army Veteran

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