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Continued Learning

This isn’t your typical Continued Learning setting. Thank goodness!


We mental health and human service professionals tip-toe through the maze of creating and maintaining relationships with our clients, while upholding the ethics we live by, and the boundaries we respect. Connections, relationships, and trust are the foundation of therapeutic progress. Horses are exquisite at building relationships, and even better at defining their range and depth.

Ethics and Boundaries



Trinity's new Ethics & Boundaries training taps into the bottomless well of wisdom, instant feedback, and impartial collaboration of our equine teammates. 


This training is a powerhouse of tactics, techniques, and tried-and-true methods of exploring the sometimes prickly topics of trust, shame and vulnerability, as we protect the framework of physical, psychological, emotional and social boundaries. Safety for both the provider and receiver of services is paramount, and is at the core of our teaching.

Friday, February 24, 2023

9am-2:30pm | $169


You’ll enjoy direct hands-on contact with our remarkable therapy horses in this innovative and engaging learning opportunity. And we promise, you’ll leave with a smile, a bucket full of unmatched new skills and insights, more friends – furry and otherwise, and a new appreciation of the head and heart of a horse. 


Trinity’s a functioning 67 acre, non-profit, therapy center that serves hundreds of heroes, children, and everyone in between. So bring your boots, dress for the weather, and we'll see you in the barn!

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