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Our mission is to help change lives through relationships, faith, and horses.

We founded Trinity in 2002 and did some of everything just to make a living. Boarding, lessons, training, trail rides, horse camps, and even day care. Yet we knew the highest and best use of our facility, time, and team was something quite different. We chose to change from making a living to making a difference.


Changing lives has always been our passion, and has become the sole focus through our Equine Assisted Therapy, Youth Mentoring, and Training.

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Changing Lives is our


Changing lives has always been our passion, it has become the sole focus of Trinity through our Youth Mentoring, equine assisted therapy, and training. My father, a 20 year army veteran, shared some legacy – building advice many years ago. He said, “when you choose a community as your home, you must become part of it, invest in, And contribute and contribute to its members health and growth.”

I believe we do this in the many ways we serve her neighbors. Whether it’s I believe we do this in the many ways we serve are neighbors. Whether it’s the hundreds of veterans we’ve served who struggle with PTSD, kiddos on the autism spectrum, or adults experiencing dementia or Alzheimer’s.


I believe we do this in the size, scope and the immense positive impact the Trinity Youth Mentoring makes and the hundreds of Mentoring kiddos we serve every year.


I believe we do this in our work with organizations who are eager to find Dash tune their leader ship team building skills. It’s a privilege to help them discovered the changes needed to become an even more effective team and bigger pebbles in the pond, making ripples that we should visions in futures.


Our future, we’re blessed to have three generations of our family is teammates and visionaries, guiding Trinity into our next 20 years, and beyond.

Changing lives is our passion

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