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Get to Know Us Better

Our doors are open, the curtain is pulled back, and you’re invited to get to know us in a whole new way by being our guest at Trinity‘s Lunch and Learn. We’re excited to create new connections between our guests, our horses, our team and our mission. We know the power of connections. We know connections create relationships, and relationships foster understanding. We treasure new and old friends, and love it when they understand what we do, and why it matters. And we really love it when they know us so well, they become fans and ambassadors for us, spreading the word.

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In our 90-minute Lunch & Learn 

  • You’ll hear how we’ve stopped doing the goods things, so we could do the great things. The things we do supremely well: Mentoring, Therapy, and Training.

  • You’ll meet graduates from our Veteran Wellness Program as they share their journey, and how our horses and teams helped change their life.

  • You’ll learn about Trinity Mentoring and our new scholarship fund for families with kiddos struggling with depression, anxiety, and even suicidal thoughts, but can’t get in elsewhere for services..

  • You’ll experience the connection with a 1200-pound partner by “stepping into our boots” and spending time in the pasture and the arena with our horses.

  • You'll be our guest for lunch, meet new friends, get connected and build new relationships.

  • You’ll learn about our vision and goals, and without one bit of pressure, we’ll send you out with support options to chew on.

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