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Veteran touching horse

Trauma, PTSD, & Horses

Service related injuries generally fall into three different categories; physical, emotional and spiritual. Most veterans don’t want to talk about their traumatic service experiences. That’s perfect, because most of our work is non-verbal, and relationship based. It’s a journey of creating a connection, relationship and trust. Once that’s mastered between the veteran and their horse, it spills over to other important relationships in their life. Week after week the relationship grows and deepens, giving the veteran new skills and confidence that things can and will get better.

Therapy with horses is widely known for helping veterans and their entire family work through the challenges of military service like; PTSD, depression, addictions, guilt, grief, anger, panic attacks, sleep disorders, spiritual injuries and more.

What to Expect

Our horse encounters take place in the pasture, arena or barn with your team. Members of your team are chosen based on your goals. All of our staff are credentialed, including licensed therapists, certified horse specialists, and our hand-picked horses. Our sessions are conducted on the ground, so no riding experience is needed. We meet weekly for 50 minutes, and continue for 8 weeks. We offer private, family and groups times. All services to you, and your family are at no cost for you.

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